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Profitbot Pro v06.17.01 | Automated Mining Software for Cryptonote Algo's

Profitbot Pro

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Profitbot Pro started out in June 2018, as "Shitcoin Profit Manager", with a vision of providing automation to XMR-Stak. I had no plans for anything more. At the time, I was using API's from some of the other crypto calc websites, but I wasn't getting all of the data I wanted.

In August, after some coaxing from friends, I decided to write my own API's as well as design this website. v1 of the site wasn't bad, espeically since I am no artist, or web developer. I felt it needed more, and so came the birth of Profitbot Pro's v2 Website.

If you happen to be new to mining, I've made this as simple as I can (for command line). You basically setup your system 1 time, and then walk away. I have a video that walks you through the setup. For more advanced users, there's alot of settings you can "tweak".

Profitbot Pro supports all the coins listed on this website, and has the following features:

- All in 1 package. Includes all mining software, and profit manager.
- XMR-Stak and various specialty forks.
- XMRig (v06.15.00 Profitbot Pro and above)
- SRB AMD GPU Miner (v06.02.00 Profitbot Pro and above)
- JCE AMD CPU ONLY Miner (v06.07.00 Profitbot Pro and above)
- JCE AMD CPU/GPU Miner (v06.07.00 Profitbot Pro and above)
- FREE Cloud Based Rig Mining Monitor! (see menu above)
- Profit Mode - Turn it on and walk away. We'll use your settings to make the most money for you.
- Static Mode - Mine 1 coin
- Works with the new "merged mining" CN pools.
- New for v06.16.00 : Profitbot now detects when certain coins are having issues. The coin is put
   on an ignore list to prevent you from wasting time, money, and electricty on technical issues.

- v6 introduces an all new API experience. Completely customize your personal data feed!
- See your potential earnings in real time.
- Automatic Updates - This feature can be turned off.
- Updates can be performed unattended. All your settings are imported.
- Speech systhesis, which lets you know when switching coins.
- Rotating logs, with self cleaning.
- System automatically restarts worker when an error occurs.
- Advanced settings for multiple amd.txt files. (serarate ones for light, heavy, etc)
- Support for nearly all forks of XMR-Stak.

Static Param Variables:

This determines how the pool reads your wallet, rigID, fixed difficulty, and paymentID. Go to the pools settings page and look for this information. Most of the pools I use, use option number 2, or number 5 (for nothing but the wallet address).

1 = wallet+diff
2 = wallet.diff
3 = wallet.rigID+diff
4 = wallet.rigID
5 = wallet
6 = wallet.paymentID

Software Options

xmrig (CPU miner only)
xmrig-nvidia (GPU miner only)
trtl-stak (All in one Miner)
xtl-stak (All in one Miner)
b2n-miner (All in one Miner)
mox-stak (All in one Miner)
xmr-freehaven (All in one Miner)
SRBMiner-CN (GPU miner only)
jce_cn_cpu_miner64 (CPU miner only)
jce_cn_cpu_miner32 (CPU miner only)
jce_cn_gpu_miner64 (All in one Miner)

API Cheat Sheet

Profitbot Pro

SRB Supported Algo's

Profitbot Pro

XMrig Supported Algo's

Profitbot Pro

JCE CPU/GPU Variations:
Profitbot Pro

JCE CPU ONLY Variations:
Profitbot Pro